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Exercises to Work out abs

The abs are something that you want to get exhausted. Working out abs is certainly a huge challenge. There are several exercises to the abs that can be useful for exhausting them. These exercises may be tough and hard for someone to perform. Here are some exercises that will be just a routine and will be a lot easier to perform. These exercises are the ones you can do at even your home. These will maintain the stronger abs and will boost the ability that you have. These will also help you in increasing flexibility and assist you in lowering the back pain. Following are the easiest abs exercises:

Cable Rotation
At just the shoulder height, you need to hold a cable using both of your hands while standing. Both of your hands must be in front of you. The arms must be straight and fixed, and your abs need to be engaged. Now, rotate your body towards the right and then come back to the original position. Then rotate your body towards left and then come back to the central position. You should rotate your body towards both sides with ten reps. One rep will make one rotation towards left and right. This will quite help in Working out abs.

Spiderman Plank

For this exercise just start in the original position of the plank with the forearms touching the ground, and the body has to be as straight as possible. Start bringing the right knee forward alongside the right elbow. After that, return to the original plank position. Similarly, repeat that with your left knee by bringing the left knee towards the left elbow and then go back to the traditional view of the plank. This would make on rep, and you have to complete ten reps on a daily basis. This plank exercise will get your entire core.

Bicycle Crunch

For this particular abs exercise, just try to lie on your back and get your hands to the head. Get your legs raised above and then bend them at the angle of 90 degrees. First, bring your right elbow towards your left knee and then go back to the original condition. Now repeat similar withy the left elbow and bring it to the right knee. Make sure that you use at least one minute in doing so. For this purpose hold the crunch for the count of two on every side to make it a little slower. This would be assisting you in Working out abs.

Cross Crunch

This is probably the easiest exercise. For this, just lie on your back and raise your arms as well as legs in a diagonal to make an “X’. Make sure that the legs and the arms are straight as an arrow. First, bring the left hand towards the right foot and then bring the right hand towards the left foot while doing so, also life your neck, head and the shoulders off the trough. This would make just one rep. Repeat those ten times to complete a set of ten reps.

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