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  • A personal trainer is someone who walks with you and holds your hand on your journey to your fitness success. There are many benefits which make having a personal trainer a worthwhile investment.


  • A personal trainer helps you identify and define your fitness goals. Your trainer will help you set realistic goals taking into consideration your current fitness level. He/ she will discuss with you what you aim to achieve and work together with you to break them down into smaller goal that will be more specific and realistic. Your trainer will also assess your progress towards achieving your set goal.
    They are resourceful. Personal trainer is actually trained to instruct others how to exercise. They will guide you on which exercises to do in order to achieve best results. If you don’t know which exercises to do to achieve your goal, you probably won’t meet those goals.


  • They prevent injury. A personal trainer will help you avoid injuries by training you how to perform exercises. Most injuries while exercising arise from ignorance. Your trainer will show you how to position and move your body, the right shoes etc.


  • They are great for a specific event. When you are training for a particular event, a personal trainer will be able to get you right on track for that event. For example, training for athletics, skydiving and many more.They hold you accountable.


  • A personal trainer will keep you on your toes in achieving your fitness goals. For example, you will be more likely to show up for a session with your trainer rather than if you were to go to the gym by yourself. They help you remain committed to your fitness goal.A personalized training program. With a personalized workout program the results are better because your trainer factors your medical background, physical condition and fitness level in creating a program. You can also work with the trainer to let them know the exercises you enjoy best and therefore workout with exercises you actually enjoy. On days when you really don’t feel like doing something intense your trainer could show you something light to do which suits your mood but also beneficial.


  • A personal trainer is able to make best use of the time you have to work out. They will be able to design exercises that will provide the best benefits within the time available.
    Nutritional advice.


  • Some personal trainers are also trained in nutrition in which case they are in a position to advise you on physical fitness and nutritional wellbeing as well. If the trainer is not trained in nutrition, in most cases they know some great nutritionists who they can refer you to.


  • They offer you therapy.Physical exercise has been known to relieve mental stress. Your trainer could work with you and design exercises that help you release most stress.
    Flexible schedule. When working with a personal trainer you can plan and work with times that are most convenient for you.
    Flexible locations.


  • A personal trainer is not tied down to location. You can make arrangements with your trainer to be in a location where you feel most comfortable.
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