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Olympic weightlifting is popular among many fitness lovers. There are two types of lifts; the snatch, and the clean and jerk techniques. These two are overhead lifts which involve whole body workout and the goal usually is lifting maximum weight at a high speed using a barbell. Some of the benefits you are going to enjoy from Olympic lifting include the following:

  • A total body workout. Olympic lifting will get you a whole body workout including your arms, shoulders and back too. It engages your whole body all at once; your hand, leg, back and stomach muscles work to achieve best effect.


  1. Get a leaner and tighter body. Contrary to popular belief, lifting heavy weights will not get you looking overly big unless it is your intention in which case you have to combine your training with increased intake of calories and supplements too. Olympic lifting alone will get you a body as lean as that of an athlete. It focuses on developing speed and coordination while building on strength and lean muscle.


  1. Stay motivated to look after you. Olympic training like any other form of training requires a significant commitment. You will want to look after your body and follow laid out guidelines toward achieving your set goals. Regular training will get you looking superb which in turn will make your confidence soar. Feeling good and looking good will keep you motivated to look after yourself.


  1. Improved bone health. Study has shown that those who engage in Olympic lifting have a higher bone mineral density than the average person. This means that Olympic training significantly strengthens bones. It is a good way to reduce the risk of osteoporosis which has a high chance of occurrence in women.
  2. It is safe.  Olympic training might seem like a very dangerous thing but it is nothing but safe with the right training. Knowing how to position your body while lifting or how to properly miss a lift are things that can be taught. When done properly, it causes very few injuries.


  1. It is cool! Lifting incredibly heavy weight gives one a sense of accomplishment. You feel empowered knowing you can lift ridiculous weight and hold it over your head. It gives you a rush and more importantly it is the confidence in knowing that you can conquer pretty much anything you set your sights on.


  1. Mental workout. Olympic training requires a high level of concentration in what one is doing. If you are distracted and do not pay attention to the task at hand, you will probably end up causing injuries to yourself. It teaches your mind to focus.
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