The Power of Panic Bar Locks for Business

Mar 11, 2024

When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of your business premises, having the right security measures in place is crucial. One essential component that plays a significant role in emergency situations is the panic bar lock.

What is a Panic Bar Lock?

A panic bar lock, also known as a crash bar or push bar, is a type of door locking mechanism commonly used in commercial buildings, especially in emergency exit doors. These devices allow individuals to quickly and easily exit a building during an emergency by simply pushing on the bar.

Benefits of Panic Bar Locks

Implementing panic bar locks in your business premises offers numerous benefits:

  • Emergency Exit Compliance: Panic bar locks help you comply with building codes and regulations that require the installation of emergency exit devices.
  • Rapid Exit: In the event of an emergency such as a fire or other crisis, panic bar locks enable swift and efficient evacuation of the building by employees and customers.
  • Enhanced Security: While panic bar locks allow easy exit in emergencies, they also serve as a secure locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized entry from the outside.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your business is equipped with panic bar locks can provide peace of mind for employees and customers, ensuring their safety.

Installation and Maintenance

For businesses in the Keys & Locksmiths and Hardware Stores categories, ensuring the proper installation and maintenance of panic bar locks is essential. It is recommended to hire professional locksmith services to install panic bar locks correctly and ensure they function smoothly.

Choosing the Right Panic Bar Lock

When selecting a panic bar lock for your business, consider factors such as the type of door, the level of security required, and compliance with relevant regulations. There are various styles and features available in panic bar locks to suit different business needs.


Investing in panic bar locks for your business is a wise decision to enhance safety, security, and compliance with building codes. At, we offer a wide range of panic bar lock solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses in the Keys & Locksmiths and Hardware Stores categories. Contact us today to learn more about how panic bar locks can benefit your business.